Le pays du soleil rouge

Auteur : Elizabeth Haran, Daniele Momoni

Paru le 8 février 2017

ISBN : 9782377351008

500 XPF

Etat du livre : Très bon état

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England, 1941. Accused of having attacked the father of one of her students, Lara Penrose, a young teacher, chooses to go to teach in Australia to avoid prison. When she arrives in Shady Camp, a remote town in the north of the mainland island, it’s a shock. First, there is no school. And then the region is infested with crocodiles. But Rick will fix the problem. From their first meeting, Lara is seduced by this man, rejecting Dr. Jerry who until then had been assiduously courting her… Exotic and captivating landscapes, a heroine who must fight against adversity to find happiness and her place in society… All the ingredients that contributed to the success of the sagas of Tamara McKinley, Sarah Lark and Colleen McCullough are brought together here. Read more


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